Pelion is a mountain, geographically located in the eastern part of Thessaly, in the regional unit of Magnesia. Today, the toponym of 'Pelion' refers to the entire peninsula developed east of the city of Volos with a NNW-SSE direction and includes both mountainous and hilly–lowlands areas. The peninsula is formed between the Pagassitikos Gulf on the west and the Aegean Sea on the east. The slopes of the mountains and the coastal front have the capacity of accommodating more than 40 villages, all of which have been built in the traditional Pelion architecture. The most important of these villages are Makrinitsa, Zagora, Tsagarada, Portaria, Milies and Vizitsa.

The main mountainous area with a highest peak in Pliasidi, exceeding 1,550 meters above mean sea level, is developed in the northern part of the peninsula. Impressive gorges and valleys that lead to the eastern shores often interrupt the mountain massif. The southern part of the peninsula is characterized by a more gentle topography while the coastal environment is of a great geodiversity. Specifically, cliffy coasts alternate with small invaginations, where you can find the most famous beaches of the area. Concerning the geology of Pelion, mainly metamorphic rocks with impressive colourful formations dominate the area.

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