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Gardenias of Makrirrachi

Makrirrachi, a small village in northeastern Pelion, is also known as 'village of the flowers'. The residents of Makrirrachi are all of them engaged, in the one way or the other, with the gardenia flower. Their involvement with floriculture holds back in the 80s and is due to the climate and the fresh running waters of the area. Backyards of houses, stairs, nurseries and greenhouses host mainly gardenias and azaleas, magnolias and lauras. During your visit in Makrirrachi, you can buy gardenias and many other local products from the market of the village. A special event you should definitely visit, is the Flower Exhibition run by the women's cooperative in the village square, on the 25 of August.


The generous nature of Pelion combined with the cultural influences over the centuries, have created the refined Pelion cuisine. Simple raw materials such as mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, fern, greens and herbs provide the basis for unique tasteful combinations.

The «spetsofai» with green peppers and locally produced Pelion sausage is arguably the most famous of the local dishes. Other popular dishes are the traditional Pelion bean soup know as «fasolada» and stewed goat meat, order it as «gida vrasti». Famous salads of «tsitsiravla», «vergia» and «kritama» hold a prominent place at the dinner table as well. Meanwhile, the adjacency of Pelion area with the sea offers in Pelion dishes a wide variety of fish and seafood cooked in the oven, the frying pan or even on the grill. The two dominant drinks in the Pelion cuisine is black wine and raki with anise. Finally, the wide variety of «spoon deserts», the traditional pecan pie and «baklavas» will definitely amaze you with their unique flavor.

Glyka tou koutaliou- Fruits in syrup deserts

The wide variety of fruit trees growing in Pelion has resulted in the creation of sensational “fruits in syrup” deserts or as the Greeks calls them “gluka tou koutaliou”(literal translation: deserts of the spoon). Dozens of women coordinated in farming cooperatives or even individually, they generate amazing flavors that you should definitely give it a try. The production process demands a great skill and care, which starts by cleaning the fruit and finishes by sealing the jar. What make this traditional desert so unique are the handily made production and the use of local but freshly seasonal fruits. During the autumn months they prepare firiki and quince, which are eminent fruits of Pelion. Winter deserts are made ​​from the so-called 'sour' fruits including oranges, bitter oranges, squash and tangerines. In the spring months, common are the sour cherry, the walnut and the tomato and finally in the summer they prepare watermelon, fig and cherry. According to visitors’ preference, most popular fruits in syrup are fyriki, walnut and quince. While visiting Pelion, do not miss buying the desert that you liked from a wide variety of products.

Apples of Zagora

Apples of Zagora hold a prominent place on the agricultural farms of Pelion. An Agricultural Cooperative has been established, since 1916, for the production and distribution of apples 'starking delicious’ that are widely known by the name 'Zagorin'. Today, the cooperative collects, standardizes and distributes the whole of the apple production in Pelion. Apples of Zagora are considered to be among the best in the world and this recognition is sealed by the European Union under the label "Protected Designation of Origin."

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