The great extent of the Pelion area, famous for the dinstinct changes of the landscape, hosts a wide variety of biotopes. Coasts with numerous gulfs, hilly areas in the south,  banks of rivers and mountainous regions in the north, all of which represent the ideal habitat and a breeding area for dozens of species of flora and fauna. Pelion area has joined the European Natura 2000 network and hosts 14 habitats.

Dense forests of beech trees cover the massif area in the central part of Pelion. Beech trees consist the predominant type of vegetation on the high altitudes of the region. In mid altitudes you can find forests of oak and chestnut trees, while plane trees and willows prevail on the overbank areas. Finally, in low altitudes, near the coastal front various fruit (apple, pear, cherry, etc.) grow whilst human agriculture includes vineyards, olive groves and kiwi. What is more, thermal plants like chamomile, hemlock, Belladonna, luxuriance etc hold an important proportion in the flora species of the ecosystem. Considering the fauna, it includes several species of mammals (coyotes, foxes, wild boars, horses), insects, amphibians, small rodents and reptiles. Equally notable is the presence of the avifauna in the area, with characteristic species of eagles, hawks, blackbirds and partridges.

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