Beaches overlooking Pagassitikos Bay

Along the west coast of the peninsula dozens of beaches are developed with a view of Pagasitikos Bay. The wide variety of beaches provides a satisfying selection even to the most demanding visitors.

  • Valtoudi
    In the Valtoudi bay, developed south of Milina, you can find several small beaches with no tourist facilities.
  • Horto
    Many small sandy beaches are formed in front of the village of Horto, where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal blue waters.
  • Paou
    Between the settlements of Kalamos and Paou you will meet successively the beaches Mikri (Small) Paou and Megali (Large) Paou.
  • Lefokastro
    Small invaginations are formed along the coastal front of Lefokastro...
  • Ampovos Beach
    The beach is located on the south of Affisos.
  • Kallifteri Beach
    Kallifteri is located on the north of Afissos.
  • Koropi (Boufa) Beach
    Koropi is actually the longest beach of Pagassitikos bay and extends in front of the settlement.
  • Kala Nera
    Kala Nera is one of the popular beaches of the Pelion area.
  • Kato Gatzea
    Kato Gatzea is a beautiful beach situated on the coastal front of the homonymous settlement.
  • Malaki
    It is located just ahead of the Malaki village, which is 14 km on the south of Volos.
  • Soutrali Beach
    It is the northernmost beach of the west coast.
  • Paleo Trikeri
    Paleo Trikeri is a small island in the Pagassitikos bay with many worth visiting beaches.
  • Alogoporos
    The beach is located on the north of Trikeri, exactly opposite of the island Paleo Trikeri.
  • Marathia
    This small beach is located just in front of the settlement of Marathia.

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