• Bridge of Tsagarada
    The stone bridge of Tsagarada located just outside the homonymous settlement, spans the river valley of Mylopotamos.
  • Monastery of Lampidona
    The Holy Monastery of Panagia Lampidona is in the eastern shore of central Pelion, adjacent to Labinou.
  • The Museum of Art Folklore in Makrinitsa
    The Museum of Art Folklore is hosted in a three-story tradition building in Makrinitsa, the Topali Mansion.
  • Gorge of Mylopotamos
    The gorge of Mylopotamos is located between the villages Taxiarches and Ksourichti, in central Pelion.
  • Chorefto
    Horefto represents the seaport of Zagora.
  • Lefokastro
    Lefokastro is a small settlement in the western coast of Mount Pelion at a distance of 35 km southern of Volos.
  • Hania
    The settlement of Hania is set at an altitude of 1,200 meters above mean sea level, within 27 kilometers on the east of Volos.
  • Afissos
    Afissos represents one of the summer tourist resorts of Pelion.
  • Volos
    The coastal port city of Volos is the capital of the regional unit of Magnesia. Considering the geographical location of the city, Mount Pelion...
  • Gorge of Fakistra
    The gorge is close to the village of Fakistra, in central Pelion.
  • Bridge  of Kato Kerassia
    The stone bridge of Kato Kerassia located at the southeastern edge of the homonymous village, bridges the stream of Kerassiotis.
  • Monastery of Pammegiston-Taxiarhon
    Located in the Central Pelion between the villages of Agios Vlassios and Agios Georgios,...
  • Ellinomouseio in Zagora
    Ellinomouseio (meaning Greek Museum), School of Riga, was founded in 1762 when the School of Modern Greek Language...
  • Anilio
    Anilio is a mountainous village of eastern Pelion set between Zagora and Tsagarada.
  • Argalasti
    The village of Argalasti is geographically situated on a fertile plateau 40 km southeast of Volos.
  • Portaria
    Portaria is located 12 km east of Volos. It is a traditional mountainous village which is built at an altitude of 700 meters above mean sea level.
  • Pinakates
    The village of Pinakates is located north of Visitsa and keeps the same architectural style.
  • The Sporades Islands
    Sporades is an archipelago of islands in the Aegean Sea and on the east of Pelion. The island group includes...
  • Bridge Chatzini
    The stone bridge Chatzini situated between the villages Agios Lavrentios and Drakeia is bridging a tributary of the River Vrychonas.
  • Monastery of Agia Triada
    The Monastery of Agia Triada stands on a hilly plateau, 2.5 km south of the village of Ano Gatzea.
  • Library of Milies
    The Library of Milies was established in 1815 as part of the School 'Psihis Akos' and contained more than 10,000 volumes.
  • Cave «Kryfo sxolio»
    The Cave of «Kryfo sxolio» (meaning Secret School in Greek and refering to the Ottoman times) is located on the beach of Fakistra, near Tsagarada.
  • Trikeri
    Trikeri is the southernmost settlement of the Pelion peninsula.
  • Makrinitsa
    The village of Makrinitsa is located 11 km northwest of the city of Volos.
  • Agios Vlassios
    Agios Vlassios is a picturesque village on the western slopes of Mount Pelion, 15 kilometers on the southeast of Volos.
  • Agios Ioannis
    Agios Ioannis, located 5 km east of Mouresi, is a prime summer destination of Pelion...
  • Bridge De Chirico
    The steel bridge de Chirico, located just outside of Milies, is bridging the stream of Taxiarchis.
  • Church of Agia Marina
    The church of Agia Marina is the most famous church in Pelion.
  • Museum Angelini
    The museum Angelini is located in the village of Horto, and includes several exhibits from the everyday life and the traditional art of the local people.
  • Cave of Chiron the Centaur
    According to the most prevalent saying, the cave where Chiron the Centaur has once lived is near the village of Milies...
  • Kissos
    Located about 10 km north of Tsagarada, Kissos is a picturesque mountainous village stretching at an altitude of 650 meters above mean sea level.
  • Syki
    Syki is a scenic village situated 40 km southeast of Volos, with the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the Sporades Islands.
  • Visitsa
    The traditional village of Visitsa is located in central Pelion, just two kilometers on the north of  Milies.
  • Bridge Diakoumi
    The stone bridge Diakoumi is located in the Northeastern Pelion, near the village of Pouri and bridges Lagonika river.
  • Monastery of Sourvia
    The monastery is located in the northern Pelion, just a short distance south of the village of Kerassia.
  • Mouressi
    Mouressi is one of the oldest villages of Pelion, famous for the impressive view of the Aegean Sea.
  • Milina
    Milina is a seaside resort village in the western coast of Pelion attracting many tourists.
  • Milies
    The village of Milies is geographically situated in the center of Pelion in a 30 km distance on the  southeast of Volos.
  • Monastery of Flamouri
    The Holy Monastery Metamorphosis of Jesus of Flamouri is located in the northern Pelion, just 5 km on the northwest of Kerassia.
  • Damouhari
    The small picturesque village of Damouhari is located on the eastern coast of Pelion, 2 km on the east of Mouresi.
  • Monastery of Timios Prodromos
    The Monastery of Timios Prodromos is located on the southeastern slopes of Mount Pelion, near the settlement of Syki.
  • Tsagarada
    The village of Tsagarada is located on the northeastern slopes of Mount Pelion at an altitude of 500 meters above mean sea level.
  •  Zagora
    Zagora is a scenic village built amphitheatrically in a wooded slope of eastern Mount Pelion, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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